Marvin  Bobbitt, III,  Professional REALTOR

Marvin Bobbitt, III is a widely respected professional REALTOR in Durham, North Carolina. Marvin is known as a very thorough and upfront approach professional REALTOR, offering sound advice and outstanding results in the Durham real estate market. Marvin is " old school", taught by Mr. Ward personally for over 20+ years. When you need a real estate professional with lots of experience, consider contacting Marvin. Marvin brings decades of vast knowledge and experience as a Durham REALTOR  to work for you. Marvin can help you navigate today’s real estate market, help you understand and keep you in the loop, estate issues, and overall market conditions in 2023,  plus price your home or estate to sell. 

Marvin specializes in  Durham, NC , Single famly homes, Residential real property estates and Real Estate Investment properties.


My experience level is based on the training implemented by Frank Ward.  Along with schooling and training via North Carolina real estate classes.  Frank Ward was the BEST teacher anyone could ask for. Mr. Ward was also my mentor and friend; we worked everyday side by side. I give all the credit to Frank Ward for my background, experience and professional training! The best friend and teacher.

My background, training and experience includes:

Residential property listings and sales

Real property estates

Wealth and investment real estate advising

Approved Durham County North Carolina Real Property Commissioner.

Durham County NC Court room witness real estate

Real Property Estates

Professional real estate advising and guidance

Residential real estate advising and guidance

1031 Tax Deferred exchanges

Properties with UST'S (underground storage tanks)

Properties with environmental issues and trauma damage

Hired for private property real estate evaluation's

Trustee for clients, POA (power of Attorney) for clients

Guardianship's, POA's, Commissioner

Durham County Clerk of Court Commissioner for County of Durham & Clerk of Court

Professional advice handling residential properties

Professional advice investment properties

Land, lots, commercial transaction's and 30 years handling leases

Professional advice in domestic real property transactions

Represented colleagues (other REALTORS) within the real estate business

Overall real property disputes and handling encroachments and disputes




Frank Ward, REALTORS ® 


Durham County NC Resident 

Residential real estate sales and listings , estates

Real property estates

Durham, North Carolina Native


Durham Public School System 

NCCU, North Carolina Central University

Professional Education Training and education, completion of the following;

North Carolina Real Estate School 

North Carolina Real Estate Broker, Guidelines, finance, brokerage 

North Carolina Appraisal Courses; 

R-1 Real Estate general Appraisal.

R-2 Valuation & Principles & Procedures. 

R-3 Applied Residential Property Valuation. 

G-1 Income Property Appraisal & Valuation. 

Continuing education schedule, 

11/01/ 2023-2024 DRAR management in real estate

10-2023 - 2024 NCDOI Flood Certificate of Course Completion. North Carolina Department of Insurance 

2023 / 2024 North Carolina Real Estate Commission Broker in charge BIC Update  (for 2023 / 2024 year)

08/04/2023 Annual BICUP Update, Broker in Charge Update 2023 - 2024

07/15/2022 Annual BIC Update, Broker in Charge 2023 

07/15/2022 North Carolina Insurance Commission Flooding/ FEMA Course C/E 2023

03/16/2022 Code of Ethics, National Association of REALTORS Center for development 

08/03/2021 / 2022 BIC Update, Broker in Charge update 2022 

06/16/2021 2022 North Carolina Insurance Commission Flooding/ FEMA C/E 2022

11/12/2020 General BIC Update Broker in Charge update 2021

10/07/2020 Flood Insurance: Protecting Consumers 2021

09/12/2019/2020 General BIC Update Broker in Charge update 2020

08/2019 Protecting Consumers, FEMA Flood Insurance Conference, NC Department of Insurance

04/2018 Code of Ethics

09/2017/2018 BIC RE Update Broker in Charge update 2018

08/2017 Trends in real estate

01/2017 Definitive Advertising Guide

11/2016/ 2017 Broker in Charge Update, BICUP

 01/2016 Real Estate Changes that changed the business

 09/2015/2016 Ethics; Principles and Practices

 2015/2016 Broker in Charge Update

 2015 Handling Offers

 2014/2015 Broker in Charge Review

 2014/2015 North Carolina Real Estate Commission, N.C. Real Estate Update

 2013 Broker in Charge Annual review

 2013 North Carolina Real Estate Commission, N.C. Real Estate Update

 2012 Ethics Principles and Practices

 2012 Valuation Services; BPOS, CMAS and Restricted Use Appraisals

 2012 BIC Review

 2012 North Carolina Real Estate Commission, N.C. Real Estate Update

 2011 North Carolina Real Estate Commission, N.C. Real Estate Update

 2010/2011 Broker in Charge Annual Review

 2010 North Carolina Real Estate Commission; Mold, Moisture and Mildew. Environmental Issues in Real Estate Practice

 2010 NCAR Residential Forms Update. 

 Active license Notary Public for Durham City/County, North Carolina. Active thru; 06/16/2025 

Professional Service and Affiliations 

Professional License; #144640

North Carolina Real Estate Broker, #144640 06/30/2024 

Notary Public, State of North Carolina, active 06/16/2025

Completion of Notary Public Classes for the State Of North Carolina. 

Active Member of the Durham Association of REALTORS. 

Former BOD for Durham Association of REALTORS. 

Active Member of North Carolina Association of REALTORS. 06/2024

Active Member of the National Association of REALTORS. 06/2024

Active Member of Triangle Multiple Listing Service. 

Marvin Bobbitt, III Professional, REALTOR® 

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