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Since 1964 A Full Service Real Estate Company Serving Durham NC and surrounding areas.


Frank Ward, REALTORS? is a local full service real estate brokerage Company serving the Durham N.C. and surrounding areas. We offer a full array of real estate services listing and selling homes and other real estate. In this industry, experience matters. In 1964 Frank Ward started Frank Ward, REALTORS in Durham, NC handling real estate for his friends and customers. In 1999 Mr. Ward transitioned Frank Ward, REALTORS and became an adviser, consultant and mentor to assist his long time close friend, BIC & GM, Marvin Bobbitt. Today Marvin continues operating the business as Mr. Ward taught him over the many years together side by side. We are proud to be here today and help our customers in 2023.  We appreciate serving the Durham and the surrounding areas.

As your EXPERIENCED REALTORS in the local area market, when buying your home or property, we will assist you and help negotiate the best price and terms possible. We will also answer any questions as they arise. For Selling your home or property we will guide and help you understand the market and help with pricing your home or property in today's ever changing market. With Frank Ward, REALTORS?, EXPERIENCE MATTERS.


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Our knowledgeable and experienced REALTORS? are here to help you navigate the home buying or selling process.

For Buyers

It's important to have Experienced REALTORS? on your side who are knowledgeable in the local market.

For Sellers

Stressed about selling? As Experienced REALTORS? who know the market, we'll strive to get the best prices and get your home sold quickly.

Looking to Buy?

EXPERIENCE since 1964

We're your local Durham and surrounding area REALTORS?

Buying a home or property is a tremendous undertaking. Of course with all the excitement is also some uneasiness especially leading up to the making an Offer to Purchase and starting the transaction. If you're like most people, we bet you'll likely want experienced professional real estate advice along the way and you'll undoubtedly need an Experienced real estate Broker, REALTORS? looking out for your interests and needs. We are here to help.

We're without question, experienced in Durham and surrounding areas for your real estate needs, and would like to provide assistance with purchasing your home or property.

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Looking to Sell?

Experience since 1964

Frank Ward, REALTORS? is your local REALTOR ? here to help.

We know that selling a home can be a daunting task. As experienced REALTORS, we'll strive to get the best prices and get your home or property sold quickly. When you need an EXPERIENCED REALTOR, give Frank Ward, REALTORS? a call.

We're without question qualified and experienced in Durham and surrounding areas for all your real estate needs, and would like to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently.

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