What our "CUSTOMERS" have to say.

Thank you again so so much Marvin! 

We would not have our house if it wasn't for Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, REALTORS!  Marvin is incredibly knowledgeable in this industry, especially in today's real estate market. Marvin kept us informed through the entire process and made this an enjoyable experience! We would highly recommend Marvin to anyone and everyone! Thank you Marvin!

Miles & O'Keeffe family

Great Group of Professional REALTORS!  Marvin Bobbitt, great job!
If you are looking for someone to tell you the truth and walk you through a deal, entirely, I have to say Marvin Bobbitt & Frank Ward REALTORS is a company with integrity. They are very knowledgeable in this field and can easily lead you through the hard decisions in your real estate needs. I look forward to doing business with Marvin and Frank Ward REALTORS again.  

I have known you for 40 plus years. Thank you for the way you handled the sale of my childhood home! and familys estate.

 I want to thank you to Marvin Bobbitt, Frank Ward, REALTORS for the way you handled the sale of my childhood, familys home. It was a very hard thing to do. I appreciate the way you constantly explained the whole process concerning an estate sale and all the details that go along with the process. It has not been an easy process but your vigilance with the property and keeping me posted during the entire process. I have known you 40 plus years and you are the same as when we were in school together many years ago. You have maintained your integrity in your business at Frank Ward Realtors. It’s nice to know there are business owners like you. I would recommend you and Frank Ward Realtors to anyone that ask if I know a good realtor. Again thank you for all you did regarding the sale of my mother and fathers home. Great job Marvin!
 K. Spain

May 2023

The BEST man for the job

We can't thank you enough Marvin. From start to finish you made the process as painless and pleasant as possible. You accomplished the end goal quickly with great care and kindness. Definitely the best man for the job!

MBT 2023

Outstanding service, exceeds expectations and gets the job done!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, Realtors for the excellent care, attention to detail, and expertise in selling our house.  I felt like we had special white-glove treatment; but that is how Marvin treats all of his clients. He is truly one of the kindest, most sincere people I have ever met. Pair that with his expertise, experience and passion and you have someone who gets the job done extremely well with the most pleasant experience possible. Throughout the process, Marvin explained things in detail and kept us informed every step of the way. That was comforting, especially since we had already moved and were no longer living in the area. He guarded our personal information and took care of our house as if it were his own.  Marvin is a real master of the craft and exceeded our expectations in every way. I highly recommend Marvin and Frank Ward, Realtors if you are selling or buying a house.


M. & C. Tomasic 2023

Professional, Relentless and Passionate. Marvin gets the job done

Marvin Bobbitt is a remarkable real estate broker/ REALTOR. He has learned the technical aspects of the craft though many years of experience. But what makes Marvin extraordinary is his professional, relentless and passionate pursuit to get the deal done. He goes way “above and beyond” with his craft, offering to help in whatever way is needed. Marvin is not just a fabulous real estate broker, but he is an amazing human being that you absolutely can trust. I not only found a great REALTOR, but I believe I also gained a lifelong friend!

 V. F. Brown Family 2022

TOP NOTCH REALTOR! Knows whats he's doing!!

If you are looking for a top-notch realtor, look no further than Marvin Bobbitt.   Marvin recently handled the selling of my parent’s property, and I could not have asked for a better experience!  He walked me through the entire process, step by step, with kindness and patience during an especially difficult time.

Thank you, Marvin!

Smith Poole Family

The BEST REALTOR we have ever dealt with!  "Concierge level of service"

Marvin Bobbitt has ruined all other REALTORS for us - and I mean that!  We were completely blown away by Marvin's level of professionalism and the amount of attention he provided to make sure the sale of our home was a seamless and worry-free experience. I cannot think of an instance where he did not proactively call us and let us know everything about each and every step of the selling process. If you want to sell your home and have a concierge level of service in doing so, then I would definitely recommend you give Marvin and his team a call - they are on your side while being professional and will definitely take care of you!

Vickers Family

Singing the praises for Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, REALTORS

I want to take this opportunity to sing the praises for Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, REALTORS for his tireless work and dedication for the sale of our house in Durham.  I’ve personally known Marvin since childhood.  So, my testament comes with a long-time connection to one of the most kind, trustworthy, and hardworking individuals walking amongst us.   On top of listing our house, we were packing up to move across country at the same time. Our house quickly got an offer by a lovely couple who could immediately see the love and effort we’ve poured into it through the years. They are excited about continuing the love we left behind.  This is one of the bigger life stresses and it was made so much more manageable by one of the best and most professional in the Durham area. We can’t thank him enough for guiding us through this process and checking on the house after our move before the new owners took possession.

Timmy Truelove

Looking to sell or buy?

If you are looking to sell or buy?  You can't go wrong with realtor Marvin Bobbitt @ Frank Ward Realty.   Our house sale went smoothly from start to finish.  We simply let Marvin lead the way, showing us how clear communication and being upfront with details works.  Let him help you all your future real estate needs you won't be sorry.

C Pennington  


Marvin, we wanted to THANK YOU again for your help in selling our home. You and your team exceeded our expectations and made the process much easier than we ever anticipated. We will definitely recommend you and FRANK WARD REALTY to all our family and friends.





Thank you, Marvin Bobbitt & Frank Ward, REALTORS. As you know, sale of my property was the largest asset in my life. I already knew you were trustworthy. You showed me how to put a deal together by your promotion, connections, and perseverance. Your regular communication with me, kept me reassured during what could have been a stressful time. Your diligence is much appreciated. Thank you. 

Sincerely J. Davis family

Performance exceeded our expectations

We have had the great opportunity of working with BJ over the past several years, in the RTP/Durham region. His many years of experience and unique knowledge of North Carolina real estate have enabled us to diversify our real estate portfolio in a way that our assets' performance exceeded our expectations. He has guided us to invest in several single-family and multi-family properties with stable cash flow and solid appreciation in the best neighborhoods of Durham. Whether you are planning to purchase a home for your family, or invest in Durham’s dynamic housing market, BJ’s professional approach to real estate, his network of professionals, and his knowledge, along with his patience in educating his clients, provides you the best opportunity to successfully navigate this market with confidence.


Kevin M.

Prompt, Courteous, and Knowledgeable

Our business has had the pleasure of working with BJ Karkouki for over 3 years in the real estate market purchasing as well as selling properties. BJ is prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He's great at doing the little things that people in our business appreciate. BJ, ready to work on another deal? 

SincerelyJack W. Markham Family

Highly Recommend

I'd like to thank Marvin Bobbitt and highly recommend him to help sell your home or purchase a new home. As an older woman I had big concerns that I would be taken advantage of when selling my home. Mr. Bobbitt never once gave me that feeling. He was reassuring that he was there to sell my home as is, as I had emphasized was my wishes.  He took time to explain things in a way I would understand. He also spoke with my family so they knew how things would happen. Thank you so much.   I will recommend you to my friends

JDB Family

VERY THROUGH AND KNOWLEDGEABLE ,When its got to be done right.  

Call the others if you want. I called Marvin Bobbitt at Frank Ward, REALTORS after I could not get the answers I wanted. Marvin’s  VERY THROUGH AND KNOWLEDGEABLE. He will deliver and give you the facts. Trained by the BEST, Mr. Frank Ward.

YP Family 2021

Very Satisfied
Marvin and Frank Ward, REALTORS recently sold our town home. We were very satisfied. Quick sale and close.


The Best
Thank you Marvin and Frank Ward REALTORS for helping us find the perfect house! If you ever need a REALTOR, Marvin is the best! Very thorough!
Smith Family

BJ, Karkouki  Great job.
Thank you BJ for all your help on the  site in  NC. You were an excellent representative and always got me fast responses.  Thanks for your help and professionalism.
F. A. Properties, LLC 2021

Totally satisfied
It is seldom that you have someone do a major job that you are totally satisfied with.  Such is the case I recently experienced.  I would like to thank Marvin with Frank Ward, Realtors for the excellent manor in which he handled the sale of two properties for me in the past 18 months.  His manner was completely professional in every way.  He went beyond what I expected a realtor to do in helping with the sale of both properties.  His attention to detail in even the smallest matter was very thorough and very complete in every way.  He was available at all times for questions and concerns about each sale.  I would highly recommend Marvin to anyone that needs someone to handle their real estate needs.  Thank you for such a good job Marvin!

 Dr. J.C. Bazemore  Durham, NC  

Wealth of knowledge!

We initially contacted Marvin with Frank Ward, Realtors in Durham, NC on the recommendation of a family friend.  What a wonderful decision this turned out to be because our working relationship with Marvin has exceeded all of our expectations.  Over the past year and a half, Marvin has sold two properties for us, one residential and one commercial.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge of both the commercial and residential local markets.  The caliber of service and professionalism that he has provided to us has been exceptional.  Marvin is a strong communicator and he was always available and responsive to all of our requests.  He was patient and thorough in reviewing all of the paperwork and aspects of each sale with us.  His diligence and attention to detail throughout the entire sales process gave us the reassurance that he had all the details well in hand.  We experienced first-hand Marvin’s genuine desire and sense of pride in providing great customer service, he was always willing to go above and beyond.  Not only did he impress us with his work ethic, but we noted that he is well respected by many of the other professionals that we had to work with during the course of the sale.  I would highly recommend Marvin Bobbitt of Frank Ward, Realtors to anyone that desires to work with a true professional who has a genuine interest in serving his clients. 

 R. Bowman  Durham, NC  

In August I hired Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, REALTORS to sell my home in Durham County, North Carolina. Marvin did an incredible job. Very thorough and rapid response to ALL communications,text, etc usually within minutes. Marvin has the tools and can handle things especially for out of town Sellers like myself. Marvin worked with me and helped me think thru the selling process (4) years prior to me deciding to finally sell my home this past August 2018, while supplying me with sale data, comps, and information about my home, all with no pressure, plus excellent guidance. I recommend Marvin if you are selling your home. 
Thank you Marvin good job.
J. Cagle

Very impressed with Marvin's knowledge, experience & integrity.
REALTOR Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, REALTORS recently assisted me in purchasing a commercial property in Durham. I was very impressed with his knowledge, experience and integrity in guiding a challenging transaction to closing. He demonstrated a servant's heart throughout the entire process, to assure all parties were treated with the upmost respect and professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend Marvin Bobbitt with Frank Ward, REALTORS for a peace of mind experience with your real estate needs.
Donald Yarboro REALTOR 

Very thorough, Very professional. 
I have worked with Marvin Bobbitt at Frank Ward Realtors two different times in the past 5 years.  I wouldn't work with anyone else in Durham.  Marvin is very thorough, very professional and cares a great deal about his clients.  He works very hard to make buying or selling a home a happy experience for his clients.  My husband and I just bought a home in Trinity Park.  Marvin was an excellent negotiator on our behalf and in the end everybody was happy.  Thank you Marvin!  We are very happy with our new home!
Thank you.
G. & T. Smith

Want to say thank you Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, REALTORS, Thank so much for everything you did to help me sell my property here in Durham. You went way beyond the call of duty. Who's REALTOR offers to bring u chicken soup when you are sick. Marvin Bobbitt did! You were ALWAYS on the up and up You looked after me, and my property. You checked everything, and then checked it again. We started out as business acquaintances. We ended as great friends. This makes the second property you have sold for me.  Marvin, You impressed me from day one! Marvin is NO Bull$!#* with you ever. You shoot from the hip. As I do. I tell people all the time how great you are at your job. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to working with you again, should I need a realtor in the future.
C. Bayes 

Very Professional and dedicated; Number 1 TOP  RATED REALTOR!
Our Father "Eric" hired Marvin Bobbitt & Frank Ward, REALTORS early 2017. Our father liked that Marvin listened, took lots of notes and researched the property thoroughly, deeds, property lines,etc. Our father also liked that Marvin was supportive, caring and sincere. Nearly EVERYDAY for months Marvin checked on our father and our home. In late 2017 our father passed away, Marvin was there for Eric at this time. My brother and myself realized our agent Marvin Bobbitt was caring, sincere, reassuring and motivated during the transition from our father to us. With us living being 2-3 hours away Marvin frequently checked on our home checking out things, looking after our property, checking doors, lights, making sure our home was safe and sound, this includes trips at night time, weekends, etc. Marvin would also video/face timed our conversations so we could view our property via cell phone. Marvin was always there for us as our agent. We want all to know Marvin Bobbitt is very professional and a dedicated REALTOR, this is what it takes to be a top rated real estate agent/REALTOR. Marvin became more than a real estate agent to our father , Eric, me and my brother, he is a trusted friend.
Sincerely, K.P. Cochran and D.R. Porter

Thank you Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, REALTORS. You did a fantastic job representing me and my family. You kept me informed throughout the entire process, gave me GREAT advise. I have a friend for life. If anyone ask me about a REALTOR, you know who I will tell them to go see or call Marvin Bobbitt at Frank Ward, REALTORS. Thanks again for EVERYTHING. Great job. Marvin; You know what you are doing! 
C. B.

"Honesty and integrity far surpasses "ANY" REALTOR I have ever worked with"!
Thank you  Marvin and Frank Ward, REALTORS and staff  for a job well done selling my home in Durham. Your assistance and expertise proved invaluable. I don't think I could have accomplished all of the work that needed to be done. Your insight and recommendations is deeply appreciated. You were refreshing and generally cared about my property. Your honesty and integrity far surpasses any REALTOR I have ever worked with.
B. Matlock  

Marvin, I really appreciate your professionalism and caring actions you showed me during the process of selling my parents home. You were always there and patient when I had questions, which I had a lot of. To sale my birth home was very hard and you were caring to me during the whole process. I have known Marvin for many years and I would recommend him to anyone who needs to buy or sell a home. You won't find anyone better.
Thanks for everything Marvin!
S. Brooks

"Professional and Knowledgeable".

We would like to thank Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward REALTORS  staff for all you did for us in the selling of our home. When we decided to sell our house we talked with several realtors, real estate agents trying to find the right one. Our friend and neighbors told us about Marvin Bobbitt, our first meeting with you was very professional and very knowledgeable. Though out the listing and selling of the house you were a comfort to work with, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a house.

Thank You,
F. May, S.  May 

 Awesome job! Highly recommended!
BJ Karkouki is simply awesome. We are located overseas and so kinda helpless. Fortunately BJ went above and beyond to help us sell our house and for a good price. We are really thankful towards him. Highly recommended! Can't go wrong with BJ!

Best, Js and Melissa 

 When you want "The BEST" PERIOD!
Marvin Bobbitt & Frank Ward, REALTORS, are "the BEST" !
Marvin helped me purchase my dream home. Later he sold the house I lived in for 30+ years. Marvin worked tirelessly on both homes. He was always very professional, very knowledgeable and looking out for my best interest. I recommend Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, REALTORS to help find your dream home. Thanks Marvin and Frank Ward, REALTORS. When you want the BEST call him.
Marvin you are the best REALTOR!
T. W.

Thank you B J Karkouki.
Wanted to say thank you again B.J. for all your help in purchasing our home! Thanks to you we had a totally painless first time home buyers experience. We LOVE our home and wouldn't be here without you!
M. & T. Corrigan

Integrity and honesty is impeccable!
Over the past 25 years Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, REALTORS has served as our real estate agent in the buying and selling of three of our properties here in Durham. In every instance Marvin exceeded our expectations. His expertise as a realtor is unmatched. As our advocate he consistently negotiated the best price possible for property both bought and sold. His professional experience expedited every aspect of our transactions as well as eliminated a lot of worry and stress associated with such matters. His integrity and honesty is impeccable. I have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so. In the realm of real estate, I'd call on him in a second to once again serve as my agent.

R. Glenn 

Very Professional!
Marvin Bobbitt & Frank Ward, REALTORS are the consummate professionals! Marvin is a native of Durham and knows Durham and the surrounding area better than most. He is a man of the highest integrity. When I was faced with a difficult real estate problem I called Marvin and he handled it. I have no problem recommending Marvin Bobbitt and the professional team at Frank Ward Realtors to handle your real estate needs!
Ed Clements 

Thank you Marvin & Frank Ward, REALTORS!

John and I want to thank you for the seamless way you handled the sale of the townhouse for us. It would have been very difficult for us to stay on top of the process without you! You were right in task no matter what the situation, like moving some items we left behind! I can't thank you enough for all you did to make the sale and transition easy for us, especially with us living out of town. We were totally shocked when we put the townhouse on the market and had a good offer the next day! UNBELIEVABLE!  You were awesome!! Enjoyed getting to know you!  We will be sharing your name for references every chance we get!! Thanks again for your in time and thorough service!

J & S Banks 

Let Frank Ward, REALTORS, help you! 

Looking to sell or buy? You can't go wrong with Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward REALTORS. Our house sale went smoothly from start to finish. We simply let Frank Ward REALTORS lead the way. Clear communication and being upfront with details works. Let them help you all your future real estate needs you won't be sorry.
C. Pennington

The best!
BJ Karkouki is incredible! He placed my home on the market Monday and I had a contract on Wednesday! He went the extra mile. The closing went off without a hitch! BJ is the best!
Pamela P

Thanks to Marvin Bobbitt and team of Frank Ward Realtors. They did an exceptional job as our agents!!
Fitzpatrick 2016.

Thanks BJ!
We have worked with B J Karkouki for several years, through several real estate transactions as a Buyers and Sellers agent. He is very knowledgeable about the products he represents. He listens to and respects our goals and investment requirements. We expect to use his expertise for many more years. We recommend him highly!
E. & K. Causey

Very Smooth Transaction!
Many thanks to Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward, Realtors for the smooth sale of the family home. Thank you so much for taking care of us and your time spent making sure the home was secure/we were good. A huge bittersweet chapter in our lives now closed, but made so much easier with your help. I appreciate you and all your hard work!!! If you ever need your home sold, call Marvin and Frank Ward, Realtors, they are highly recommended!!!
Henderson 2016

Thank you BJ
It is nice to know someone like you: honest and reliable...
Ahmad S.

Total Experts!
Marvin Bobbitt and Frank Ward REALTORS are total experts at this area. They will find you an excellent piece of property at a good value. They will not waste your time with bad properties, and they will check on things you wouldn't even think of on your own to make SURE you get a good value for your money.
B. Hills 2015

Thank you Marvin & Donna!
Marvin & Donna and Frank Ward, REALTOR TEAM, my wonderful realtors had sold my house after only 5 days. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. I sold my house due to my husband’s passing and they were very respectful and sensitive to my needs. They came the day after I called them. Marvin and Donna brought all documents to me so I didn't have to go to his office. They was always available if I had questions...Since I was out of area during this time. They drove by the house to be sure all was OK until the closing. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. Even today Marvin called to be sure I was satisfied with this entire process. If you need a realtor, I highly recommend Marvin and Donna and his team.
L. Ritch 2015

Frank Ward REALTORS and Marvin are great to work with and they get results fast. They follow up on details and gets the job done. 
Thanks C. Parks

Frank Ward Realtors, has many years of experience and they can get the job done whether you are buying or selling residential or commercial property. They operate with the utmost integrity and keeps you well informed.
T Garrett